Upcoming Events
  1. November MPNA meeting

    November 21 @ 19:00 - 20:00
Middle Polk Neighbors | a village in the City
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‘Building a resilient merchant corridor’ – grant from OEWD

In December 2015 MPNA’s (Dawn Trennert’s) grant application to the Invest in Neighborhoods program of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) was approved and funded for $10,000. The program was designed to contribute to mitigation of the effects of street construction projects along......

Dining in Middle Polk

Avital Ungar and I met over coffee in the Summer of 2015 and agreed we needed to draw attention to the varied opportunities for dining in the Middle Polk area. We sampled restaurants and specialty food purveyors and came up with a short list of......

Discover Polk

Polk Street is an amazing place with a long and fascinating history. It has been a commercial strip since the 1800s. There are stories of Wild West carnivals in the days of the Exposition, and of the first Gay Pride Parade down Polk Street in......

Looking for committee volunteers

MPNA actively follows matters of interest to our neighborhood and our City by attending and testifying  at various commission meetings and at the Board of Supervisors. We are engaged with the Police Department Community Advisory Boards for Northern and Central Stations. We collaborate with several fellow neighborhood......

Some people need to feel special

Some people need to feel special: rock stars, presidential candidates, you know the type…   And then there are those who like to see others feel special. They are happy to see someone walk down the street, head held high, full of confidence.   Silvia......

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