Middle Polk Neighbors | Looking for committee volunteers
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Looking for committee volunteers

16 Jun Looking for committee volunteers

MPNA actively follows matters of interest to our neighborhood and our City by attending and testifying  at various commission meetings and at the Board of Supervisors. We are engaged with the Police Department Community Advisory Boards for Northern and Central Stations. We collaborate with several fellow neighborhood and merchant groups on issues related to land use policy, historic preservation, and development proposals. We continue to support the Francisco Reservoir Conservancy and the Discover Polk Community Benefit District (CBD) feasibility Steering Committee.


We believe that our association will become even stronger with broader community leadership and participation, and are therefore seeking nominations (and volunteers) for two committees who will take the helm on issues key to sustaining the physical and commercial health of our community. Please consider nominating MPNA members to serve on Public Safety and Economic Development committees. Ideal candidates are members who have creative ideas, time and energy to assess needs in Middle Polk, gather and synthesize data and approach public and private entities with  proposals to make our community safer and more prosperous. Please submit nominations to suzanne@middlepolk.org by 25 July 2016.

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