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Some people need to feel special

20 May Some people need to feel special

Some people need to feel special: rock stars, presidential candidates, you know the type…


And then there are those who like to see others feel special. They are happy to see someone walk down the street, head held high, full of confidence.


Silvia Yeung is one of those people. I stopped in her store, Polk Street Florist, to pick up a bouquet of cut flowers for no particular reason, and she proudly showed me a very special wristlet corsage she had made. “I don’t like automatic,” she said, “I like to do things right. It takes time.” The corsage was poetry-a centre of tiny white roses, with miniature red blossoms tucked in between the flowers, bright blue bow, in a box to protect the arrangement. “This is for a special girl. I want her to stand out,” said Silvia. What a lucky young lady will be wearing a magical wrist corsage, looking very special on her prom night, with the blessings of a lovely, generous, Polk Street florist watching over her.


We should all be so lucky.

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