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What a wonderful place to live!

24 Apr What a wonderful place to live!

I had the good fortune to be on a sailboat in Raccoon Straits today and to participate in the Opening Day/ Blessing of the Fleets traditional parade. What fun it was to see boats with people dressed in costume from SF and US history, boats with anywhere from 3 to 70 flags (it seemed), and a boat called Wanda, where the “god Squad” (priest, minister and rabbi) called out blessings to the slowly passing sailboats and power vessels, one by one.


Later in the day we saw the SF Fireboats moving along the shoreline from the water at Crissy Field to Pier 39, spraying water as a kind of blessing on all within feet of the shoreline. May we all be safe, and may the crab and salmon fishing be plentiful.


What a wonderful place to live!

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